Yolanda’s Fridge {love!}

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the real housewives of beverly hills logo 0 300x119 Yolandas Fridge {love!}My “guilty pleasure” is the TV show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s the only one of the “housewives” shows that watch because I enjoy seeing the fabulous homes, over-the-top weddings, vacation destinations, AND the great closets!

This year, the home of Yolanda Foster Yolandas Fridge {love!}newly-added cast member Yolanda Foster {married to amazing music man David Foster who composed one of my all-time favorite theme song scores “Katie’s Theme” for the movie Stealing Home}, is more than worth sitting through the weekly cat fights & silly school-girl arguments {of which Yolanda is thankfully not a part!}

Yolanda is an interior designer who created every inch of her home and then spent two years supervising its construction. The entire home is just lovely and stunning but, believe it or not, the unexpected star is her custom refrigerator! {It even has a Twitter account!!}

yolanda foster frdige 200x300 Yolandas Fridge {love!}

The fridge is a custom-designed show stopper largely due to, IMO, the fact it’s completely see through! This fridge displays beautiful fruits and veggies in woven baskets.

In this picture via BravoTV, you see this stunning showpiece, glass doors opened. It looks to me like the inside of the fridge is lined with slabs of Carrara marble. This makes alot of sense since marble is naturally cool and doesn’t conduct heat very well.

This see-through design is really not practical if it’s your yos fridge1 224x300 Yolandas Fridge {love!}only fridge – I mean, let’s face it, the inside of a fridge isn’t usually display-window worthy. However, as a place to store fruits, veggies and perhaps cheeses along with bottled water, etc. it works perfectly!

You can see in this photo that she has foil-covered leftovers at the bottom of fridge.There are also tarts and half-eaten pies tucked here and there.

I know in our own fridge our fruit and veggie drawers are so stuffed we can barely get them closed. This fantasy fridge is a great alternative – even if it is just a dream for most of us.

While it may not be polite, all of us have to wonder what something like this would cost.  According to one report I found online, it’s upwards of $10,000 . . . That actually seems a bit low to me but perhaps it’s in the ballpark..

yos fridge 2 300x200 Yolandas Fridge {love!}This is a screen capture from the show where the doors of the fridge are closed. I love it! Yolanda, you’ve done good girl!

While most of us will never be in the market for a piece like this, as a designer, I so enjoy seeing these ideas come to life. I appreciate the time and thought that goes into making a space function for the way those living in it need.

Yolanda has done such a fantastic job designing their Malibu home and I’ve loved the little sneak peeks we’ve gotten on the shows.

If you’d like to see more of the Foster’s beautiful home, tour the house at this link.

Late last year Yolanda was diagnosed with Lyme Disease for which she is currently receiving treatment. Prayers for the treatments to be successful. To learn more about Lyme Disease, visit this link.


pixel Yolandas Fridge {love!}

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