Siestas & Sleeping Porches

by Diana @ The Devine Home on Monday, June 13, 2011 · 1 comment

umbrella drink 200x300 Siestas & Sleeping PorchesHello Friends!

Sorry for the long siesta. I was in Malibu on vacation and although I took my ipad2 with me, I discovered it does not play well with wordpress, so I could not post.

This week I’m preparing for installation at the Dream sleeping porch 11 300x270 Siestas & Sleeping PorchesHouse but as I sit here writing, I am looking out to our back deck and wishing we had a sleeping porch.

Ahhhhhh . . . a sleeping porch. There is something so old fashioned about them, don’t you think?

sleeping porch georgia carlee 300x199 Siestas & Sleeping PorchesOur front porch is really too narrow to be a sleeping porch. Plus, it is not enclosed which would be a necessity because of mosquitoes.

Doesn’t this well-appointed sleeping porch¬†from Georgia Carlee¬†just beckon you to take a siesta (which means afternoon nap?)

Down the road we are planning on redoing sleeping porch with four beds by lake 300x225 Siestas & Sleeping Porchesour back deck. We plan to add a second level to bring it down closer to the pond.

Hmmmm. . . . wouldn’t it be wonderful to build a small, screened sleeping porch so we could sleep to the sounds of the spring peepers?

My nieces and nephews would have a blast being entertained by the summer fireflies.

pixel Siestas & Sleeping Porches

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1 Alana Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 12:23 am

You forgot to mention sister.. the sister would definitely enjoy taking a nap on the porch.. Love this idea.. :)

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