Making Room for Presents

by Diana @ The Devine Home on Sunday, December 2, 2012 · 1 comment

christmas tree 225x300 Making Room for PresentsDuring Thanksgiving weekend I usually put our Christmas tree up and get it all decorated. This year, however, it was just not meant to be.

We got out our pre-lit Christmas tree and this is how it looked. Ugh!

I remember last year there were lots of lights not working and we had an entire branch that had no working lights – I made sure to put it in the back.

I started the process of trying to replace lights but after several hours I just gave up.

We put the tree on and gave it away to someone who happily took like six hours to try and fix it and then gave up and cut all the lights off.

Honestly, the tree was kind of wide for the space. I also hated how the branches came all the way down to the floor – we never had room for presents! Because the tree was 9-foot tall, we didn’t really have much room to elevate it.

So, we decided to order an 8-foot slim style tree that was not pre-lit. (I put 1500 mini lights on it and added an additional four strands of “pearl lights” with 70 lights each).

This tree had about a foot of space between the lowest branches and the floor. That was good but I thought we could somehow elevate it to make more space for presents.

I was telling my friend Karen about the problems we had with the pre-lit tree and how with the new tree I wanted to get more space underneath and she had the solution!

She gave me the “lift” that her hubby had made when they were using a 7.5 tree and had the same issue with no room for gifts.

christmas tree1 300x300 Making Room for Presents

Here’s What They Did: They took a drawer from their old water bed and turned it upside down. Then he cut a piece of plywood into a square to place on top of that drawer. It’s maybe 2-3″ larger all the way around than the drawer.

They were no longer using it because they got a 9-foot tree so she gave it to us! It was exactly what I wanted for the tree. Thanks Karen!!!

You can see from the picture I took of the new tree that we now have a lot of room for gifts. In fact, I have two “levels.” Little boxes/bags fit on the sheet of plywood between the legs of the stand while larger gifts sit on the floor with plenty of space above.

The drawer we are using is about 6″ in depth but you could use a deeper drawer if you need even more space. I love this simple solution! Santa’s going to be soooo happy!



pixel Making Room for Presents

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1 Lisa Broussard Januska Monday, December 3, 2012 at 4:15 pm

We sold our 9.5′ tree over the weekend, to a good friend at work that is starting their family. It will be well used for years to come! It had become too heavy for the two of us to wrestle down from the attic, they’re young, and can do it much better than us two ol’ farts!

Anyway, I’ve been pricing the trees, and boy, did they get a deal! LOL, I too want a 7.5′ slim tree, but they look so skimpy, compared to our old one; its been hard to find anything I can honestly say “I love”. Please take another photo of your tree in a horizontal position, if you don’t mind. These tilted pics have people on their heads, trying to get a good look…lol! From what I can tell, you’ve done a beautiful job decorating it….Have a Merry Christmas!!

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